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Varun Alagh Co-Founder, Honasa Consumer Limited – Mamaearth

Varun Alagh faced a challenge when they couldn't find toxin-free baby products in India, leading them to take matters into their own hands. Leveraging Varun's experience in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry and Ghazal's entrepreneurial spirit, the couple decided to establish a company specializing in natural toxin-free baby care products adhering to international standards. In 2016, this vision came to life with the birth of Honasa Consumer, operating under the brand name Mamaearth. Both Varun and Ghazal are first-generation entrepreneurs, driven by a forward-looking mindset. Under their leadership, Mamaearth expanded its product range from six baby care items to an impressive array of 140 personal care products. Over time, Honasa also completed three acquisitions and developed its own brand portfolio. In the recent past, the company embraced offline distribution by collaborating with multi-brand retail outlets and establishing exclusive stores, effectively catering to customers in both online and offline markets. Their future plans involve expanding the offline business to encompass 100,000 outlets across 100 cities in India.

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