22nd-23rd July 2021, Hotel Sheraton Grand, Bengaluru

What is IReC 2021?

IReC 2021 is the most awaited and premier event of the retail and e-retail industry where the whole retail world arrives to celebrate the best of the industry. The people, the brands and the companies everyone is gpong to be there at the IReC 2021 Awards give insights into the strategic advances and celebrate the achievements made by retailers in the past 12 months.

Award Objectives

The objective of the IReC 2021 Awards is to recognize the Retailers and e-retailers who are closing the gap between operational reality and consumer expectations with great retailing practices

  • To promote and motivate last mile delivery in retail
  • To add value to those businesses that go beyond their set roles to serve their customers in retail setups
  • To set benchmarks of consistency in customer service excellence
  • To highlight New innovation and leadership in Retail

Awards Schedule

Nominations Open: March 2021

Nominations Close: 5th July 2021

Awards Ceremony & Cocktail Party: 22nd July 2021

T&C, Receipt of entry 1800 hrs by July 15, 2021

Benefits of Awards

The most esteemed awards recognizing entrepreneurial excellence in Retail and e-Retail sector will confer national recognition to awardees, as the best businesses in the country along with stimulating the retail and e-retail in India, the IReC 2021 awards to the leading retail businesses will not only enhance their business value in the eyes of the customers, but also attract the right vendors, investors and partners to the retail enterprise. Armed with a trophy / plaque, winners will receive extensive media coverage as well as PR opportunities with prospective partners. Above all, the winner gets a chance to be featured in Retailer magazine, thereby garnering national as well as international recognition.

  • National Recognition as the best Retailer, manufacturer or supplier in India
  • Feature story in Retailer magazine
  • Success stories to be shared with other emerging retail businesses
  • Access to a vast database of knowledge from business community

D2C Award Categories:

Awarding the brands who have most successfully streamlined their efforts to sell directly to consumers.

  • Best Food Brand
  • Best Beauty & Personal Care Brand
  • Best Fashion Brand
  • Best Ayurveda Brand
  • Best Beverage Brand
  • Best Grooming Brand
  • Best Audio Brand
  • Best Organic Food Brand
  • Best Snack Brand
  • Best Education Brand
  • Best Home & Lifestyle Brand
  • Best mobile & accessory Brand
  • Best Social Commerce
  • Best Rural Artisans marketplace
  • Best Use of Video commerce
  • Best use of Whatapp's commerce

Best in Retail Category Awards

These Awards will recognise leading organisations for their growth in the year 2020-21 and for Customer Satisfaction

  • Apparel Retailer Leading branded fashion retailers
  • Ethnic Fashion Retailer of the YearAll the retailers who promotes and specializes in ethnic fashion.
  • Home & Lifestyle
  • Jewellery Retailer It is applicable for leading branded gold, diamond and semi-precious jewellery and accessories Retailer
  • Automotive Industry It would be for Corporate dealers and distributors of Auto & auto products
  • Footwear Retailer Footwear Retailers for men/women/ children
  • Pharmacy Applicable to Pharmacy Businesses, particularly Pharmacy
  • Financial Services It will be given to Financial Services companies with retail models
  • Specialty RetailerRetailer specialising in a product and service meant for the niche consumer
  • Luxury Retail - Fashion Applicable to luxury fashion Retailer in India
  • CDIT & Electronic Retailer of the YearApplicable to all electronics goods/ white goods companies/manufactures and retailers.
  • Mobile & Telecommunication Retailer of the YearApplicable to all mobile handset manufactures and retailers/ dealers/ distributors.
  • National Retailer Applicable to retailers with footprint in at least 2 regions or more
  • Large Format Retailer Applicable to stores of at least a size of 10,000sq.ft. or more, & for a departmental or single category stores
  • Food & Grocery Retailer Applicable to Grocery Retail Businesses
  • Most innovative Retailer of the Year Retailer employing innovative ideas to enhance customer experience
  • Luggage Retailer of the Year Recognising excellence in Luggage Retail
  • Beauty & Wellness
  • Regional Retailer Recognizing the regional retailers North/South/East/West
  • Best Shopping Mall of the Year - Regional (East/West/North/South) Shopping Malls that have find resonance with customers and retailers alike
  • Best shopping mall of the year - national shopping malls that have found resonance with customers and retailers alike nationally
  • Dynamic retailer of the YearThe award is open to those who have bought retail transformation( front end or back end operations) via state-of the art ideas/innovation/ business strategy.
  • Customer Service Excellence AwardRecognizing excellence in customer service
  • Debutant retailer of the Year Retail venture which is less than 2 years
  • Book retailer of the YearApplicable to all formats of book stores.
  • Fashion AccessoriesRetailers/online brands who made it easier for everyone to have easy access to all the fashion accessories.
  • Kids Retailer of the YearApplicable to all the retailers who specializes in kids’ articles including clothing/ footwear/ accessories/ toys, etc.
  • Value Retailer of the YearRetailers/online brands who made it easier for everyone to have easy access to all the fashion accessories.
  • Best Offline to Online Business Model Retailer that has best deployed Offline-to-online commerce a business strategy to draw potential customers who prefer internet as the purchasing platform.
  • Time Wear Retailer of the Year Retailer who is selling watches / clocks in–store
  • Variety Retailer of the year Open to Large, medium and small retail concepts providing customers with huge variety of products under one roof with affordable price range.
  • Optical Retailer of the Year Retailer that is selling eye wear and optical merchandise innovatively
  • Experiential store of the year Retail store that has great tangible and intangible experience for the customer with seamless use of technology
  • Lingerie Retailer of the year Selling Inner wear or Lingerie in the store
  • Kitchen Retailer of the year Selling kitchen and kitchen related merchandise in-store
  • Best In-store Innovation of the Year a. company that has delivered a memorable experience to its customers when they have visited its stores. This could be through the clever use of technology alongside traditional customer service techniques. It is the overall experience that must be exemplary, with technology simply being an enhancer.
  • Technology Innovation of the YearRetail companies who implemented latest technologies to give exceptional experience to their customers.
  • Best Connected Experience of the Year Company that has been able to deliver a seamless experience across the various channels in which it operates. Evidence of a consistent customer experience and intelligent management of inventory across the channels will be good indicators of success.
  • Delivery Innovation of the Year Given to a Brand who has perfected effective and cost-efficient delivery.
  • Most Intelligent Use of Data Those retailers who use the consumer data and insights to engage their customers in innovative way.
  • Best Video Marketing Awarding a video strategy that successfully increased engagement or awareness for a retailer
  • Editor’s Choice Awards

    • Big Retailer
    • Small Retailer
    • Independent Retailer
  • Best Pop-up storePop-up retail is the temporary use of physical space to create a long term, lasting impression with potential customers.
  • Retail Startup of the year A start-up company which has disrupt the rules led down by industry giants.
  • Best Legacy Retailer a. Awarding the legacy retailer who has experienced continued success during a time of seismic change.

These Awards recognize the Business Strategies that Retailers have installed to achieve peak levels of business excellence.

Business strategy performance awards

  • Store Design of the Year<1000sq.ft This category is looking to find the outstanding store designs. Open to all retail sectors and stores, with sizes less than 1000sq.ft.
  • Best Use of Social Media and Communication Strategy Award The Award will be given to the Retailer who has optimised Social media to leverage better customer service.
  • Store Design of the Year>1000sq.ft This category is looking to find the outstanding store designs. Open to all retail sectors and stores with sizes greater than 1000sq.ft.
  • Best Application of Technology Award This Award is open to any Retailer that has successfully applied technology as part of an overall strategy to improve its customer service and satisfaction offering.
  • CSR Initiative of the Year The award honours the retailer who have, by their actions, demonstrated that they are outstanding corporate citizens through on-going high standards but also have to their credit a distinctive and effective initiative undertaken in the last 12 months.
  • Customer Loyalty Initiative of the Year This Award is open to any organisation that has instigated a new and innovative way of improving its customer loyalty.
  • HR Strategy of the Year This Award is open to any Retail organisation that has an Employee Engagement strategy that has led to an overall improvement
  • Marketing / Advertising Campaign of the Year (Retail) This category recognises any marketing initiative - whether an advertising campaign, promotion, sponsorship or online marketing initiative - which has delivered genuine results for the Retailer.
  • Best logistics service providerWill be awarded to logistics, courier, delivery Companies, who have been voted as Best Service providers to retail business
  • Quality Customer Service Enabler An overall Software/ Hardware provider for achieving overall High Customer Service
  • Best YouTube Marketing To those who have engaged and tried to create a connection with the customers through innovative YouTube ads
  • Best Digital Loytalty Programme Brands/ Retailers who have led the digital campaigns successfully and have attained/ increase the loyal base of customers.
  • Sustainability Initiative of the Year Retailers/brands who have put ample focus on eco-friendly means of doing business and promoting sustainability.
  • Retail Marketing Strategy Award This award will consider the ways technology now enables retailers to make sure customers get advertising relevant to them.
  • Retail Partnership of the Year This category will recognise a successful partnership between a specific retailer and a technology supplier.
  • Most Disruptive Retailer of the Year 2020 This award is designed to celebrate the retailer - be they online pureplay, omnichannel or bricks and mortar only - that has done the most to change their game.
  • Best Email Campaign Awarding an original email campaign that has successfully increased engagement or awareness for a retailer.
  • Best New Product or Launch Campaign a. Awarding a marketing campaign that successfully generated buzz or increased awareness around a new product or initiative.
  • Best Retailer/Agency Collaboration a. Awarding the retailer/agency collaboration that has successfully met goals using uniquely innovative and creative solutions.
  • Best Digital Transformation a. Awarding the retailer whose transformation has allowed them to adhere to standards brought about by changing consumer habits.
  • Best Customer Insight Strategy Awarding the retailer who has most effectively used customer feedback in order to alter processes in a way that has improved favorability.
  • Best Mobile Strategy a. Awarding the retailer whose mobile strategy or App best engages customers and/or aids the buying process.
  • Best Omnichannel Strategy a. Awarding the retailer whose in-store experience best supports their e-commerce experience.
  • Best Use of ChatBots by a Brand Brands who have implemented chatbots an important part of their business to interact and engage with the customers.
  • Best Offline to Online Brand of the year The offline brand/Retailer that has prospered to enter the online market to tap their customers from every possible platform of interaction.
  • Best Website Design This category showcases best in class websites built for the end user. This could be a website design, redesign, or a campaign landing page. These sites use innovative ways to drive engagement and/or conversion, while showcasing their brand’s value.
  • Best User Experience Winners in this category will feature engaging, intuitive navigation, incorporate “state of the art” design practices that enhance the overall user experience and simplify the use of the product.
  • BEST SOCIAL COMMERCE INITIATIVE Organizations and brands that use social commerce to their optimal use to engage and interact with their customers and generate sales.

Individual Awards

  • Lifetime Achievement AwardThe person who has given his heart and soul to create a brand from scratch, have reached the unbeatable level of success by creating edge over its competitors and made the brand of organization Sustainable.
  • Retail Leader of the YearA veteran retail professional who is constantly looking for and driving the next level of performance in their staff, product mix, merchandising, and marketing in order to sustain continuous growth.
  • Entrepreneur of the YearA thorough professional who has radicalise the industry with their sharp business acumen.
  • Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Given to a woman entrepreneur/ professional who has done path breaking in retail and building brand
  • eRetail Leader of the Year The professional with significant achievements as a mentor/leader, under whose leadership the company has grown tremendously.
  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year The Award will identify a young start-up entrepreneur who transformed the Indian ecosystem with his business exectuion, disruptive idea to business and great entreprenurial vision


  • Best Innovation in eCommerce PaymentOrganizations who have brought innovation in ecommerce payments method in order to make online shopping experience smooth for their customers.
  • Best Digital Wallet InitiativeA digital company which has leveraged technology to link payment gateways with multiple platforms to ease electronic transactions for their patrons.
  • Best Retailer Adoption of Emerging Payments TechnologyThis award is for the retailers who have adopted the emerging payment technologies in their organizations to make the payment process easier and smother for the customers.
  • Best Security or Anti-Fraud Development InitiativeThe utmost important thing in this digital era is security of information and how does one save themselves from frauds. This award is for the organization who have implemented and adopted the best and secured developments in the field of anti – fraud to keep their customer’s interest intact by ensuring their data safety.
  • Best Payments Integration


The category leaders who enjoy the largest market share and are also leading innovation for the growth.

  • Fashion eRetailer of the YeareRetailer specialising in Clothing, footwear, watches, jewellery, accessories
  • Jewellery eRetailer of the Year It is applicable for leading gold, diamond and semi-precious jewellery and accessories e-Retailer
  • Health , Beauty & Wellness eRetailer of the Year eRetailer specialising in Health, Beauty and Pharma products and services
  • Consumer Durables eRetailer of the Year eRetailer specialising in consumer durables, IT and telecommunication products and services
  • Specialty eRetailer of the Year eRetailer specialising in a product and service meant for the niche consumer
  • Home & Lifestyle eRetailer of the Year eRetailer specialising in hard and soft furnishings and accessories for home
  • eEducation Services of the Year Online educational services
  • Leisure & Travel eRetailer of the Year eRetailer specialising in leisure and travel services like e-ticketing, travel
  • Debutant eRetailer of the Year eRetail venture which is less than 2 years
  • eRetailer of the YearThe award is open to best ecommerce company/ online brand which has showcase excellence and outstanding achievement across various parameters including GMV, customer experience, product innovation amongst others.
  • Best eRetail websiteAn online shopping interface which is offering next level of experience with high-end security features .
  • Quick service food delivery e-Retailer of the YearThe award is open to food delivery aggregator which is ensuring easy and fast delivery.
  • Value eRetailer of the YearOpen to e-retailers/ online brands catering large masses with value pricing as their unique selling proportion.
  • Kids eRetailer of the Year Applicable to all the e-retailers/online brands who specializes in kids’ articles including clothing/ footwear/ accessories/ toys, etc.
  • (Service/ Product) Subscription eRetailer of the year E-commerce companies that get customers pay a subscription fee (monthly, annually, etc.,) and they receive a product delivered to them on a recurring schedule.
  • Rental eRetailer of the Year E-commerce company that works on a rental business model
  • Food & Grocery eRetailer of the Year E-commerce business that is giving Direct to Home eRetail supplies across food, milk, grocery or beverages
  • Deals eRetailer of the Year E-commerce company that is giving deals or promotions ,coupons etc to be availed online or offline
  • Auto eRetailer of the year E-commerce business that is retailing four wheelers or two-wheeler (it could be either first hand or used )
  • B2B eRetailer of the year E-commerce business that is selling products/services to other businesses
  • Un-New eRetailer of the Year E-commerce business that is selling Second Hands goods to customers through their online platform (Single category /marketplace )
  • C2C eRetailer of the Year E-commerce company where sellers and buyers directly interact with each other to sell
  • E-commerce Solution Provider of the year Helping the e-commerce industry to grow their online business
  • Best Online to Offline Brand of the year Online Brands that opted to open physical stores to give exceptional experience to their customer and getting close to them.


The category leaders who enjoy the largest market share and are also leading innovation for the growth.

  • Marketing/Advertising campaign of the year (eRetail) Best advertising campaign for eRetail promotion
  • Creative Business of the Year This award will identify and acknowledge such companies that have a creative concept or design innovation as their business premise.
  • Profitable Business of the Yeare-Retail companies take a long time to break even .The Award will recognize such ecommerce companies who have posted profits
  • Best Shopping ExperienceThis Award will benchmark the organization that has the best customer experienceand ease in transaction right from ordering to delivery
  • Best Customer Experience This award will be ranked on the basis of site usability, product and content and efficiency of delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • Best B2B E-CommerceThe Award will focus on B2B startups that cater to various Business or industries spread all over India and look after their needs 'vis-á-vis industrial tools, machinery, equipment or going online as a merchant
  • Most Innovative eRetailer The most imaginative initiatives in the online retail space, ranging from site design, usability, customer experience, service, need fulfilment or any other area of the eRetail discipline.
  • Best Use of Social Media Social media employed to demonstrate business benefit in an innovative way. Active conversations on Twitter, use of Facebook and blogs are becoming standard; what sets your social media engagement apart from the rest of the pack?
  • Innovation in Delivery Award This award will recognise the company that can demonstrate, through service improvements, product innovation and technological enhancements, a measured improvement in service and customer satisfaction.
  • Best Influencing marketing campaign of the YearOpen to marketing campaigns which generated high traction across the channels.
  • Best Technology Provider of the YearThe award is open to a tech solution company which is aiding retail organisation through cutting edge solutions.
  • Best B2B Ecommerce Brand of the yearThe award is open to already existing or newly launched B2B businesses which is offering the best enterprise solutions.
  • E-commerce Marketplace of the YearIn an increasingly saturated e-commerce market, consumers are turning to aggregators to help guide them to the products they want.
  • Best use of AI technology Given to a Retailer or eRetailer who has meaningfully deployed AI in eRetail backend or front end.

Nomination and Evaluation

  • Each applicant would be required to fill in a Self-Nomination form and send it to us by 5th July 2021
  • Any organization / individual from any sector can apply. Each applicant can apply for one or multiple categories, except the ones which states "Jury Nomination"
  • Self-Nomination forms should be sent along with the prescribed fee to Franchise India. The nominees in each category will be presented to the final jury for determination of winners
  • Evaluation would be done in two phases: Firstly by jury and then by voting. In select categories, online polling would also be conducted to support the jury's decision.
  • The Jury's decision is binding on all applicants
  • Entrepreneur India would be the Process Advisor for the awards
  • Information received will be treated as confidential and not used for any purpose except for determining the winner of the Awards
  • Incomplete questionnaire in any manner will disqualify a participant from participating in Awards
  • Right to permit participation is reserved with Awards Management
  • Awards Nomination Fee is Non-Refundable
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