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Shivam Ginglani Founder and CEO, Woodsmen Mountain Whiskey

A first-generation whisk(e)y entrepreneur disrupting the Indian spirits industry (and maybe stir it around a few times). There’s exactly zero reason for India to not be recognised as a global spirits making giant - and that's the vision: to give Indian whisky its own unique identity on the global map, by creating the first authentic Himalayan whisk(e)y story, much like the Scotches and Bourbons of the world.
After his MSc. in Finance and Business Economics from Manchester Business School, Shivam undertook a two year long expedition across India to explore, absorb and understand the ins and outs of the spirits business in India. The idea is to find gaps, push boundaries and constantly challenge the status quo while having a damn good time doing it. With passion for all things whiskey, he brings you India’s first Himalayan origin whisk(e)y story for the world - Introducing Woodsmen Mountain Whiskey, crafted with the purest water you can find on the planet.

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