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Shivam Tripathi Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder, NEWME

Shivam Tripathi, the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of NEWME, boasts an impressive educational background with a B.Tech from IIT Delhi and an MSc. in Finance from HEC Paris. His journey with NEWME began in January 2022, where he set out to establish the brand as the largest omnichannel Real-Time Fashion destination for India's GenZ Women. In parallel, he is dedicated to building robust Fast Fashion Supply Chain capabilities in India. Looking ahead, Shivam envisions NEWME's global expansion and its emergence as a pioneering new-age Indian consumer brand that scales successfully on a global stage.
With a diverse work history, Shivam brings a wealth of experience to NEWME. He started his career as an Associate at JP Morgan and subsequently co-founded Camboticket, a SE Asia-based Travel Ticketing platform, which he successfully exited in 2022. Additionally, he served as the General Partner and Managing Director at OBOR Capital, a SE Asia-based micro VC firm. His remarkable achievements include becoming a partner at OBOR within just three years of entering the industry, leading various portfolio companies as an Interim Leader, and gaining invaluable experience in Cambodia, where he led teams from across the globe. Building Camboticket during the early days of e-commerce in Cambodia taught him the art of running a business frugally, shaping his leadership style and operational philosophies for long-term success.

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