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Event Speakers


Rahul DayamaHead Of Marketing,urbanic

Rahul Dayama is a seasoned marketing professional with 10+ years of experience in building brands, creative & design strategies, digital marketing, and marketing communications for B2C and D2C brands. Throughout his career, he has worked with multiple startups, playing a pivotal role in building and scaling their marketing initiatives. His keen eye for creativity extends beyond the marketing realms, and as part of his creative endeavor, he keeps himself engaged in photography projects, showcasing his passion for capturing moments. Photography is more than a hobby for Rahul; it is a therapeutic process that keeps him grounded and in touch with his inner self. The act of freezing a moment in time brings him a profound sense of peace and balance. Further, his personal interests align with his professional pursuits, as he holds a deep fascination for fashion, technology, and e-commerce.

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