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Event Speakers


Ananya Kapur Founder, Type Beauty INC

Makeup is therapeutic for some; it adds a dash of confidence and helps put your best face forward. For Ananya Kapur, it was this very adoration for makeup and an inclination to find the most suitable products for her skin, that led to launching her very own cosmetic brand Type Beauty Inc. A semi-customised makeup brand that formulates products for individual skin types. Backed by science, dermatologically tested and infused with skincare, Ananya Kapur is revolutionising the beauty industry, introducing an inclusive palette of products, one at a time.
Characterized by the young entrepreneurial spirit, Ananya believes in hustling hard. Something she had been working on for months has now materialized into a makeup brand foraying into the industry with customisation and inclusiveness that’s never been seen before. Ananya Kapur is here to enhance the glam game with makeup that feels just as good on the skin, as it looks – or to simply put it, your perfect Type!

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