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24 & 25 May 2022 HOTEL SHERATON GRAND, BRIGADE GATEWAY, BENGALURU India's Largest New Commerce Show

Retail, D2C, E-Commerce, Tech

mainstage Conference, Masterclasses & Round Tables


How the brands are building the New CPG

  • How can brands can leverage data
  • How hybrid cloud technologies enable consumers to shop anywhere
  • Dramatic acceleration of digital transformation
  • How brands can build a strong digital presence

The 2022 Outlook for IReC (Industry of Retail and Ecommerce)

  • Business Leaders unfold what lies ahead for Brands on building commerce of the 21st century
  • The economic, social, and factors weighing on the 2022 economy and how these influence in shaping consumers’ shopping behavior, From Corporate Giant to Agile Ecosystem: Transforming a Brand's

Acceleration towards digital transformation

  • The Dynamics of Quick Commerce
  • Balancing intense competition, diverse customer expectations, operational complexity, and deployment of Investments amongst ongoing disruptions and uncertainty.
  • Payments, Fulfilment, Data, and AI business blocks

Merging the online & offline together while highlighting the digital innovation

  • Empowering commerce with Technology
  • How the ‘want-it-now’ customer culture is dictating new business models
  • How to cope with consumer expectations in 2022
  • The new degree of agility, flexibility, and security to meet customers where they are now and where they want to go next

The Ecommerce University stage will explain how to sell easily and Profitably through Digital and understand why some retailers gain million-dollar sales on major online marketplaces while others prioritize investment in their online stores, with marketplaces a secondary channel

  • Addressing New Models of Sustainability, Subscription, NFT's
  • Merchandising Map in the age of Digital
  • The Creator Economy Dynamics



Omni-channel Insights

Emerging Role of Technology

Commerce in the Age of Metaverse

Supply chain & Logistics

D2C Brands Success Story

Payment Revolution

Customer Loyalty and Rewards

The Power Of Social Commerce

Awards Recognition

The Awards will recognise the achievements of India's most successful retailers, e-retailers and brands across multiple categories in terms of business performance, customer experience, innovation & leadership in the retail & e-retail sector.

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