Vishal TrehanGroup CEO, Inceptra Lifestyle

Vishal Trehan is theGroup CEO – Inceptra Lifestyle. With over two decades of experience in building brands ground-up, managing organizations and turning around businesses, Vishal has a hands-on experience in driving retail organizations while maximizing shareholder value.

Being a veteran in the retail space, he spearheaded the growth and expansion of Forever New in India. Apart from management of the business, Vishal has also developed and mentored a team of 300+ people, which went on to becoming the organizational strength of the brand. His last stint at RBL saw him heading global brands like BCBG and JC.

His focus on technology in retail has been a defining factor that ledhim to drive retailsynergies at both online and offline presence.

With a keen interest in leading and accelerating startups in various verticals ranging from retail/manufacturing to supply chain/logistics, Vishal hasworn many hats from an innovator to a seller, a strategist, a teacher and mentor, to a fire fighter and a leader.

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