Uday Kiran KonathalaCEO & Co-Founder, Bizgaze Limited

Uday being the founder of BizGaze Ltd, ever since the day of its inception has been the key force behind most of the initiatives and the strategic moves. His core objective is to make BizGaze an IT organization aiming to deliver smart business solutions which in-turn enable a better life for all. His agile vision and innovative bent of mind helped BizGaze to take new directions time and again. His business acumen and practical approach placed BizGaze in its unique position, enabling democratization of business process automation to any business of any size and in every vertical.

His leadership skills helped to keep teams be cohesive, bonded with the brand BizGaze including in tough times. He believes that formal education will give best outcome when it is rightly mixed with the real world learnings, applying one’s thoughts translating into actions. Education cannot be the only measure to one's innate potential.

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