Siddhesh SharmaPresident, Baidyanath Founder & CEO, Naturedge Beverages

Much like an integrator that accumulates the input quantity over a defined time to produce a representative output, Siddhesh Sharma – President of the Baidyanath group (synonymous with Ayurveda since over a century), has over time, amassed all ancestral business know-how and married it to modern-day applications of Ayurveda in the past decade. Although proverbial in his thought process, Siddhesh’s approach represents a paradigm shift in the mindset of the progressive Indian consumer – one who is looking for practical and accessible health.

Embarking on a legacy that is a household name is no mean feat but for Siddhesh, his illustrious beginnings are forewords to an even bigger chapter i.e. driving his company as one of the leading healthcare and visionary companies of the world. The 100-year old mission of serving our nation with the most authentic ayurvedic medicines has cultivated itself as a backbone for the future-looking conglomerate. The current ecosystem of health awareness and acceptance bodes well and is critical for the company’s growth.

An alumnus of the University of Nottingham and a branch out of the ‘FBM’ program at the SP Jain Institute, Mumbai, the young scion enjoyed a rather ‘normal upbringing’ albeit with lessons rooted firmly in business from a young age. A decade old in his entrepreneurial journey that spans across varied sectors - healthcare, mining, hospitality and more, Siddhesh still feels new to the ever-evolving innovation-driven landscape and exudes excitement at the prospect of upcoming projects (and challenges that come with) – of which he is currently helming two.

A fitness enthusiast by nature and ancestry, Siddhesh has charted an inventive path for his company’s immediate future.

With the strong understanding of Ayurveda and passion to innovate, Sharma is at the brink of launching two FMCG products that are poised to change the way we look at the ready to drink market not only in India but globally.

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