Shaurya SethManaging Director, Tresor Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Shaurya Seth is a young and motivated entrepreneur working hard for his success. At only 30 years old, Shaurya has already built a very successful retail company having presence in 15 cities in India.

Shaurya is extremely passionate about entrepreneurship and enjoys sharing what he's learned with others. Shaurya Seth was appointed Managing Director of Tresor in 2011 after having served in PC Visor as a Product Manager. Post that he served as a liaising manager and led to another JV of Micro Clinic India and Hitachi Systems. Under the leadership and daily management of Shaurya, Tresor Systems has grown from $1 million to $ 40 million.

He’s a keen believer in technology and his core interests are Artificial Intelligence and Philanthrophy. In April of 2018 Shaurya became impatient with his opportunity for advancement, introduced elements of Artificial Intellignece in service domain and began developing a team of people who led to launch of his new Venture – Café Tresor.

It has been five years since Shaurya’s expanison strategies are in place, due to which Tresor has been able to cater to over 4 lac customers. With his success at such a young age, Shaurya has been inducted into many entrepreneur organizations and forums and has been invited to speak at various events and colleges.

Shaurya has been an active member of Future Global Leaders program held at World Economic Forum,Davos due to his continued work in the field of philanthrophy.

IEEE Sight has honored him for contribution towards implementation of solar energy in rural India through Tresor’s CSR initiatives. Shaurya has been recipient of the Philanthropy Award for continuous support to Social Causes.

Mr. Shaurya is a graduate of Manipal University, where he earned his Bachelors Degree in Engineering.

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