Osman ArarBoard Member, Orka Holding & General Coordinator, D’S Damat

Osman Arar was born on April 27, 1962 in Elazığ. He went to Kabatas High School and then to İstanbul Technical University The department of Metallurgy. He speaks English. Arar is married and has 2 children.

Osman Arar, who has taken an active role in the textile and ready-made garment sectors for 29 years, has been in the position of General Coordinator of The Orka Group for 21 years. He is an expert in what to do in the area of Textile and Ready-made garment around the world market to produce sale and marketing dynamics, branding. Osman Arar, for the issues in his expertise, has been attending conferences as a speaker and creating the strategies of group-brands in growing and expanding. Osman Arar provided that the brands within the company were displayed in showrooms in London, Tokyo, New York, Milano and Berlin. He, rewarded for his experiences in various sectors, was elected as the “CEO of the Year” by the Başkent Group in 2008.

Actively Worked Institutions and Foundations:

  • United Brands Association Of Turkey – Founding Board Member
  • Turkey Garment Industry Foundation - Board Member
  • Association of Architectures and Engineers in Turkey - Member
  • Foundation of Kabataş High School - Board Member
  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce - Member
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