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Recognising Excellence
In Indian Retail Awards

Best in Retail Category Awards

These Awards will recognise leading organisations for their growth in the year 2013-14 and for Customer Satisfaction

  • Apparel Retailer
    Leading branded fashion retailers across Western/ Ethnic categories
  • Jewellery Retailer
    It is applicable for leading branded gold, diamond and semi-precious jewellery and accessories Retailer
  • Footwear Retailer
    Footwear Retailers for men/women/ children
  • Pharmacy
    Applicable to Pharmacy Businesses, particularly Pharmacy chains and Luggage, Bags retailers
  • Toys & Stationary
    Applicable to toys, stationary and children's play products retail chains, Specialty Retailer (Including Florists; gifts and greetings; Books)
  • Beauty Salon & Spa
    For Beauty Salons & Spas who have maximised their footprint & developed service excellence in the business
  • Fine Dine Restaurant
    It is applicable to both In-hotel & standalone Fine Dine Dining places
  • Café Restaurant
    It is applicable to cafeterias with multiple standardised outlets
  • Quick Service Restaurant
    It can be applicable to any QSR that serves quick and quality-consistent food all along
  • Best in Customer Service – Food & Grocery
    Applicable to Grocery Retail Businesses
  • Fashion Accessory Retailer of the Year
    Retailer specializing in fashion Accessories
  • Home Delivery
    Applicable to Retail Businesses that have a Home delivery business model
  • Kiosk Retailing
    Kiosks in Restaurant/Food Service; beauty & wellness; Art jewellery; specialty product /service
  • Automotive Industry
    It would be for Corporate dealers and distributors of Auto & auto products
  • Best in Customer Service - Financial Services
    It will be given to Financial Services companies with retail models
  • CDIT & Telecommunications Retail
    Including Mobile and electronics stores, gaming & entertainment Retail Zones
  • Home Retailer
    Including Furniture, Furnishings, Bath, Kitchen, cookware retailers
  • Luxury Retail – Fashion
    Applicable to luxury fashion Retailer in India The above mentioned Retail category Awards will be separately nominated and awarded across three dimensions of retail size
  • National Retailer
    Applicable to retailers with footprint in at least 2 regions or more
  • Large Format Retailer
    Applicable to stores of at least a size of 10,000sq.ft. or more, & for a departmental or single category stores
  • Regional Retailer
    Recognizing the regional retailers North/South/East/West
  • Book/Music Retailer of the Year
    Retailer specializing in books/music merchandising

Business strategy performance awards

These Awards recognize the Business Strategies that Retailers have installed to achieve peak levels of business excellence.

  • Store Design of the Year <1000sq.ft
    This category is looking to find the outstanding new store designs. Open to all retail sectors and stores, with sizes greater than 1000sq.ft, that have opened in the last 12 months.
  • Store Design of the Year >1000sq.ft
    This category is looking to find the outstanding new store designs. Open to all retail sectors and stores with sizes less than 1000sq.ft, that have opened in the last 12 months.
  • Pure Play Retailer of the Year
    This award is open to all those retailers who conduct their business purely online and do not have any physical (bricks and mortar) stores where customers can shop.
  • Best New Retail Launch
    The Jury will be looking for exciting new store-based retail concepts that are already creating new standards and winning approaches to a market.
  • Customer Loyalty Initiative of the Year
    This Award is open to any organisation that has instigated a new and innovative way of improving its customer loyalty.
  • HR Strategy of the Year
    This Award is open to any Retail organisation that has an Employee Engagement strategy that has led to an overall improvement
  • Best Use of Social Media and Communication Strategy Award
    The Award will be given to the Retailer who has optimised Social media to leverage better customer service.
  • Retail Leadership Award
    This Award will recognize a CXO-level Retail Professional who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and vision in the field of customer strategy serving as an inspiration to others
  • Best Application of Technology Award
    This Award is open to any Retailer that has successfully applied technology as part of an overall strategy to improve its customer service and satisfaction offering.
  • CSR Initiative of the Year
    The award honours the retailer who have, by their actions, demonstrated that they are outstanding corporate citizens through on-going high standards but also have to their credit a distinctive and effective initiative undertaken in the last 12 months.
  • Retailer of the Year
    The Top Honour will recognize the Retailer who has achieved holistic growth and created positioning of the business through specific initiatives and developments introduced

Retail supplier awards

The Retail Supplier would recognize Solutions-provider across Real estate, Logistics, Technology & customer programmes that have enabled better customer experience for businesses at large

  • Best CRM Technology Provider<1000sq.ft
    Industry expert who enables and accelerates the journey to integrated customer management and the delivery of an intentional customer experience in retail
  • Best Loyalty Solution Provider
    The Award will be given to a loyalty provider who brings a solution satisfying shopping experience to their customers
  • Quality Customer Service Enabler
    An overall Software/ Hardware provider for achieving overall High Customer Service
  • Automated kiosks provider
    Mobile and self-service kiosk technology deployments across all Retail market segments including Customer Education; self checkout, etc
  • Best Logistics Service Provider
    Will be awarded to logistics, courier, delivery Companies, who have been voted as Best Service providers to retail business
  • Best Shopping Mall of the Year
    Shopping Malls that have find resonance with customers and retailers alike
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