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Celebrating Excellence
In Indian e-Retail Awards

Best in eRetail Category Awards

The category leaders who enjoy the largest market share and are also leading innovation for the growth

  • Fashion eRetailer of the Year
    eRetailer specialising in Clothing, footwear, watches, jewellery, accessories
  • Quick Service Food Delivery eRetailer of the Year
    eRetailer into quick service food delivery via online order placement
  • Health & Beauty eRetailer of the Year
    eRetailer specialising in Health, Beauty and Pharma products and services
  • Consumer Durables eRetailer of the Year
    eRetailer specialising in consumer durables, IT and telecommunication products and services
  • Home & Lifestyle eRetailer of the Year
    eRetailer specialising in hard and soft furnishings and accessories for home
  • Leisure & Travel eRetailer of the Year
    eRetailer specialising in leisure and travel services like e-ticketing, travel
  • eRetail Store of the Year
    eRetailer specialising in ordering daily need products
  • eRetailer of the Year - Value for Deals
    eRetailer who gives best deals for brands and non-branded products and services
  • Luxury eRetailer of the Year
    eRetailer in the luxury category whose services/products are also sold online
  • eRetailer advertising campaign of the year
    Best advertising campaign for eRetail promotion
  • Book & Music eRetailer of the year
    eRetailer specialising in books and music merchandising online
  • Specialty eRetailer of the Year
    eRetailer specialising in a product and service meant for the niche consumer
  • eEducation Services of the Year
    Online educational services
  • Gifting eRetailer of the Year
    eRetailer in online gifting
  • Gaming eRetailer of the Year
    Organisations into selling online games
  • eRetailer of the Year
    Best eRetail website.
  • eRetail Leadership of the Year
    The professional with significant achievements as a mentor/leader, under whose leadership the company has grown tremendously.

Special awards category

These special awards are for individuals and companies who have created path breaking trends and who have led unprecedented innovations that have uplifted the morale of the entire eRetail industry

  • Pure-Play eRetailer of the Year
    New and established pure-play online retailers without a physical store, demonstrating best practices in merchandising, service, functionality and customer experience.
  • Debutant eRetailer of the Year
    Best start-up (launched post Jan 1, 2013), be it pure-play or multichannel, someone who demonstrates a sound, innovative and effective business strategy to develop a growing customer base.
  • Smart use Technology eRetailer of the year
    eRetailer utilising available technologies or proprietary systems that deliver improved efficiencies for the business, better customer experiences and valuable analytical data to continually improve customer experience.
  • Most Innovative eRetailer
    The most imaginative initiatives in the online retail space, ranging from site design, usability, customer experience, service, need fulfilment or any other area of the eRetail discipline.
  • Best eRetail Marketing Initiative
    An award for the best online eRetail marketing initiative, via a single channel or an integrated campaign, such as email, mobile, social media, search, offline, live events or a combination of many.
  • Best Customer Experience
    This award will be ranked on the basis of site usability, product and content and efficiency of delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • Best in Customer Service – Eservice Provider
    It can be applied by Business service portals in Travel; education; insurance; healthcare; matrimonial; astrology or specialty services
  • Best Site Optimisation & Design
    This award is for the best overall site design from an aesthetic, usability and technological perspective with specific focus on conversion optimisation features to improve shopability and the path to purchase.
  • Emerging eRetailer of the Year
    This category recognises the new eRetail concepts that have carved out a niche for themselves in the highly competitive eRetail arena.
  • Marketing/Advertising Campaign of the Year
    This category recognises any marketing initiative - whether an advertising campaign, promotion, sponsorship or online marketing initiative - which has delivered genuine results for the eRetailer.
  • eCommerce Site Innovation Award
    The most imaginative development of the year, in terms of content, service, technology, marketing or all of the above. Clear demonstration of platform advancement improvements beyond accepted norms like customer reviews, click and collect, etc.
  • Re-design/Re-launch of the Year
    Screenshots of the old website will need to be provided to compare with your new one, allowing the judges to assess both content and overall look and feel.
  • Innovation in Delivery Award
    This award will recognise the company that can demonstrate, through service improvements, product innovation and technological enhancements, a measured improvement in service and customer satisfaction.
  • Best eCommerce Payment Innovation
    The company who has thought creatively about the payment gateways. Multiple payment options are a must and also evidence on how customers are accepting the options.
  • Best Use of Social Media
    Social media employed to demonstrate business benefit in an innovative way. Active conversations on Twitter, use of Facebook and blogs are becoming standard; what sets your social media engagement apart from the rest of the pack?
  • Outstanding Contribution to eRetailing Award
    Individual having contributed significantly to the eRetail industry in India. In terms of economic redemption and developing the overall eRetail ecosystem.
  • eRetail Solution Provider of the Year
    Enterprises playing supplier to the eRetail companies largely taking care of backend functional roles like handling logistics, warehousing, website hosting, payments, web based software/services, etc.

Brands with outstanding eRetail performance

Leading retail and product brands which have shown exceptional performance in online retail.

  • Clothing brand (sports and fashion brand)
    The leading branded fashion retailer with the greatest online offers, styles and trends
  • Furniture brand
    Leading online brand for furniture, luxury interiors and home accessories
  • Kids clothing brand
    The leading brand with the greatest offers, styles and trends for children clothing
  • Jewellery brand
    India's largest integrated branded gold, diamond and semiprecious jewellery and accessories
  • Accessory brand
    The leading brand with multitude of accessories in e-retailing
  • Beauty and personal care brand
    Leading brand in beauty, health and personal care products
  • Best FMCG brand
    Best online brand in action in FMCG arena
  • Sports brand
    The leading branded sports fashion retailer with the greatest offers, styles and trends
  • Best footwear brand
    The leading branded fashion footwear retailer for men and women
  • Best brand in CDIT (TV, Video, Audio)
    Best brand offering great product assortment in white goods.
  • Best computer brand (Laptop, desktop, ipad, Computer accessories and components, Software)
    Leading brand in gadgets and gizmos arena
  • Best mobile and accessory brand
    The brand leading the best practices in m-commerce
  • Best Home brand
    Leading brand in the latest fashion trends for the home and interiors including kitchen, home appliances, brown goods
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