eRetail Summit

Bringing together eRetailers and innovators from across the entire ecommerce value chain. Detailing all aspects of ecommerce From experiential to digital marketing and from payment to fulfilment and delivery.

eRetailer First & Always The right ROI in pure-play e-tailing.

How is pure-play eRetailer presenting a superb customer experience? Understanding the investment required for implementing technology which offers a great on-line shopping experience and ensuring a great ROI. And using data to get to know customers and offer a personalized service.

How the Chemistry between stores and online will change the Economics in Future years

  • Bringing the digital model in store and Vice-vera : What and where it is possible
  • The catch 22 of pricing - discounting goods with an eye on the bottom line
  • Tracking the customer down to each unique transaction And Incorporating consumers' escalations: what experience customers
  • Advancing The Click and Collect model for Online-offline engagement

Influencer Marketing Simplified

  • Why Influencer marketing works with Millennial and Generation Z for their interests, wants and needs
  • Upping your Social Media Report Card : Giving your brand a voice across all channels: scaling your social media exposure
  • Video as channel and Engagement as a Strategy
  • The ROI in Influencer Marketing: Tracking Likes to Buys

A Paradigm Shift :New Communities. New Consumers . New markets

  • How Brick and Mortar brands and Small Retailers are becoming Digital natives with Social Media
  • How e-commerce startups can get Audience Insights of social media platform to gain more customers
  • The Age of SOHO Ecommerce – Small and Profitable

Why Responsiveness beats speed in supply chain

  • Differentiating delivery: surprising and delighting your customers
  • Delivering on same day delivery strategies
  • Predicting & Managing returns

6) Innovation Lab

  • Bespoke – The hottest new trend
  • Digital shopping made easy
  • The Rental & Sharing market- where we are and where we are Headed
  • Subscription market – Small But sound
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): How it will eat the way we eat out, shop and buy


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