eRetail Award Categories

Recognising Excellence in Indian e-Retail Awards

Start-up Awards (e-Retail)

  • Best Start-Up of the Year, Product Award
    • Food & Beverage
    • Apparel
    • Beauty & Wellness
    • Home & Lifestyle
    • Education
    • Fashion Accessories
    • Best mobile & accessory

    The Awards will dominantly be for young e-Retail startups that are emerging as next big companies in online commerce.

Best in e-Retail category Awards

The category leaders who enjoy the largest market share and are also leading innovation for the growth.

  • Fashion eRetailer of the YeareRetailer specialising in Clothing, footwear, watches, jewellery, accessories
  • Jewellery eRetailer of the Year It is applicable for leading gold, diamond and semi-precious jewellery and accessories e-Retailer
  • Health , Beauty & Wellness eRetailer of the Year eRetailer specialising in Health, Beauty and Pharma products and services
  • Consumer Durables eRetailer of the Year eRetailer specialising in consumer durables, IT and telecommunication products and services
  • Specialty eRetailer of the Year eRetailer specialising in a product and service meant for the niche consumer
  • Home & Lifestyle eRetailer of the Year eRetailer specialising in hard and soft furnishings and accessories for home
  • eEducation Services of the Year Online educational services
  • Leisure & Travel eRetailer of the Year eRetailer specialising in leisure and travel services like e-ticketing, travel
  • Debutant eRetailer of the Year
  • eRetailer of the Year Best eRetail website
  • Quick service food delivery e-Retailer of the Year

Special Awards

The category leaders who enjoy the largest market share and are also leading innovation for the growth.

  • eRetailer advertising campaign of the year Best advertising campaign for eRetail promotion
  • Creative Business of the Year This award will identify and acknowledge such companies that have a creative concept or design innovation as their business premise.
  • Profitable Business of the Yeare-Retail companies take a long time to break even .The Award will recognize such ecommerce companies who have posted profits
  • Best Shopping ExperienceThis Award will benchmark the organization that has the best customer experienceand ease in transaction right from ordering to delivery
  • Best Customer Experience This award will be ranked on the basis of site usability, product and content and efficiency of delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • Best B2B E-CommerceThe Award will focus on B2B startups that cater to various Business or industries spread all over India and look after their needs 'vis-á-vis industrial tools, machinery, equipment or going online as a merchant
  • Most Innovative eRetailer The most imaginative initiatives in the online retail space, ranging from site design, usability, customer experience, service, need fulfilment or any other area of the eRetail discipline.
  • Best Use of Social Media Social media employed to demonstrate business benefit in an innovative way. Active conversations on Twitter, use of Facebook and blogs are becoming standard; what sets your social media engagement apart from the rest of the pack?
  • Innovation in Delivery Award This award will recognise the company that can demonstrate, through service improvements, product innovation and technological enhancements, a measured improvement in service and customer satisfaction.
  • Debutant e-Retailer of the Year
  • Omni Channel Leader of the Year

Individual Awards

  • eRetail Leader of the Year The professional with significant achievements as a mentor/leader, under whose leadership the company has grown tremendously.
  • Young Entrepreneur of the YearThe Award will identify a young start-up entrepreneur who transformed the Indian ecosystem with his business exectuion, disruptive idea to business and great entreprenurial vision

Payment Awards

  • Best Innovation in eCommerce Payment
  • Best Digital Wallet Initiative
  • Best Retailer Adoption of Emerging Payments Technology
  • Best Security or Anti-Fraud Development Initiative