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Akhil Vishwanatham Vice President - International Tech, Walmart Global Tech India

Akhil Vishwanatham is the Vice President – International Tech at Walmart Global Tech India. Heleads the International Technology team driving the next retail disruption across eCommerce and stores technology for all Walmart International markets.
Akhil’s teams are instrumental in helping businesses drive customer acquisition, engagement, care, and monetization. They also focus on building a digital wallet to provide customers with a more convenient, secure, and beneficial shopping experience both at stores and online. Additionally, they enable a consistent and highly impactful user-experience across the entire customer journey, driving first-party and third-party sales for international markets.
Prior to taking the role of a VP – International Tech, Akhil led the Enterprise Business Services teams at Walmart Global Tech India for seven years.During this time, he led talented technologists, whose goal is to deliver a simple and seamless experience for all Walmart associates.
Akhil has more than 20 years of experience in the area ofenterprise solutions and has worked with large global companies in the past. He also founded a startup that focused on providing enterprise technology solutions for small and medium enterprises. He joined Walmart in 2013 and has set up and grown the Walmart business services practice.
Akhil holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode. M