Business Roundtables FOR IReC 2023
  • How Smart warehousing works and Its ROI
  • Adopting tech for space utilization, accuracy, damage, service, cost, inventory, and handling productivity.
  • Inventory management by Demand Sensing & Managing Volume
  • Less is more - building impactful smaller stores
  • Trial of various store formats - pop-up/ SISs & extracting max benefits
  • Effective VM strategies in lower costs
  • Best AR/VR tools to use to enhance the store’s digital experience
  • Conversational Commerce and Voice AI
  • Personalized In-store Recommendations Touchpoints
  • Order online, pick up in store
  • Virtual try on
  • Raising Debt Capital vs Venture Equity
  • Acquisition and working with Private Equity Group
  • Is it the right time to go Public
  • Right time to franchise your business
  • The right franchise model for your business- FOFO, COFO, FOCO ..
  • What is the value proposition for online versus physical stores?
  • Strategizing & backend management in omnichannel setup
  • Data analytics - Becoming a Data and Insights Driven organization
  • Fostering a culture for digital in your organization from the top down
  • Best practices for user experience, marketing, and design
  • Future-forward e-commerce trends
  • Automizing Fulfillment
  • Seamless Growth - Maintaining consistency and reducing conflicts across channels
  • Right induction model for store staff
  • What strategies work to make brand strategies go bottom level
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