Safety Measures @IReC 2021

IReC Award Overview

What is IReC 2021?

IReC 2021 is the most awaited and premier event of the retail and e-retail industry where the whole retail world arrives to celebrate the best of the industry. The people, the brands and the companies everyone is gpong to be there at the IReC 2021 Awards give insights into the strategic advances and celebrate the achievements made by retailers in the past 12 months.

Award Objectives

The objective of the IReC 2021 Awards is to recognize the Retailers and e-retailers who are closing the gap between operational reality and consumer expectations with great retailing practices

  • To promote and motivate last mile delivery in retail
  • To add value to those businesses that go beyond their set roles to serve their customers in retail setups
  • To set benchmarks of consistency in customer service excellence
  • To highlight New innovation and leadership in Retail

Awards Schedule

Nominations Open: March 2021

Nominations Close: 5th July 2021

Awards Ceremony & Cocktail Party: 22nd July 2021

T&C, Receipt of entry 1800 hrs by July 15, 2021

Benefits of Awards

The most esteemed awards recognizing entrepreneurial excellence in Retail and e-Retail sector will confer national recognition to awardees, as the best businesses in the country along with stimulating the retail and e-retail in India, the IReC 2021 awards to the leading retail businesses will not only enhance their business value in the eyes of the customers, but also attract the right vendors, investors and partners to the retail enterprise. Armed with a trophy / plaque, winners will receive extensive media coverage as well as PR opportunities with prospective partners. Above all, the winner gets a chance to be featured in Retailer magazine, thereby garnering national as well as international recognition.

  • National Recognition as the best Retailer, manufacturer or supplier in India
  • Feature story in Retailer magazine
  • Success stories to be shared with other emerging retail businesses
  • Access to a vast database of knowledge from business community

Nomination and Evaluation

  • Each applicant would be required to fill in a Self-Nomination form and send it to us by 5th July 2021
  • Any organization / individual from any sector can apply. Each applicant can apply for one or multiple categories, except the ones which states "Jury Nomination"
  • Self-Nomination forms should be sent along with the prescribed fee to Franchise India. The nominees in each category will be presented to the final jury for determination of winners
  • Evaluation would be done in two phases: Firstly by jury and then by voting. In select categories, online polling would also be conducted to support the jury's decision.
  • The Jury's decision is binding on all applicants
  • Entrepreneur India would be the Process Advisor for the awards
  • Information received will be treated as confidential and not used for any purpose except for determining the winner of the Awards
  • Incomplete questionnaire in any manner will disqualify a participant from participating in Awards
  • Right to permit participation is reserved with Awards Management
  • Awards Nomination Fee is Non-Refundable
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