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Indian Retail & eRETAIL Congress & Awards 2017
Indian Retail & eRetail Partners
15 - 16 May, 2017JW Marriott Hotel New Delhi
6th National Convention & Awards on
Retail & eRetail

How to grow and thrive in this new world of connected commerce

This year's focus is on understanding the profound changes that department stores and retailers are experiencing as digitization expands into all business activities. Industry leaders have to ensure legacy retail businesses, like department stores, and mono brand retailers can evolve into modern omnichannel companies.

How retailers can create the omnichannel RoI?
Keynote Sesion The Rebirth of Retail, and the Convergence of Online and Offline Technology
Session 1: OmniChannel Nirvana: 'Digital Visions for Retailing' The Realities of Growing a Retail Brand Online In Indiasia:
  • How to Drop the 'e' and capitalize the 'c' - it's all about Commerce for Retail
  • What the lack of a 'shopping aisle' on eCommerce marketplaces means for brands, who need to standout
  • Consistency across channels: The most important channel to get right in this instance is mobile
  • How much the customer should pay for the omni-channel dream? How much of the cost to pass on?
  • Managing the cost of the property portfolio as sales shift increasingly towards online
  • Why e-commerce alone isn't a panacea to the woes of brick and mortar. What main areas of business cost do brick and mortar retailers usually underestimate when trying to go online?
  • Get What You Need: How to Build a Winning Business Case and Budget for Technology and Innovation: Click and collect and the future of convenience-focused omnichannel
  • What an omnichannel retailer needs to know about digital product assortment
Session 2: The Intersection of Innovation and retail reshaping the retail store
  • New store formats for the changing retail world
  • How retailers are now working harder on providing the best in-store experience to compete against F&B and leisure.
  • How to get the visibility of the e-commerce channel within the store environment
  • Why face-to-face sales are still an essential component of the customer retail journey but what needs to change with the retail sales associate
  • How can retailers become service providers, for relevance and how to achieve it?
Session 3: What Malls need to do to attract and retain the right anchor tenants
  • A guide to differentiating mall in an increasingly competitive environment
  • Assessing the power of data to provide unique ways to attract anchor tenants
  • The importance of mall branding, positioning and facilities investment in a 'clients market' How can mall owners accurately assess consumer appetite as mart of tenant mix analysis?
  • How to encourage non-traditional retailers of the value of taking up tenancy
  • Changing trends, agile malls: the growing importance of flexible space for pop-up retail within the mall

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