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Indian Retail & eRETAIL Congress & Awards 2017
Indian Retail & eRetail Partners
15 - 16 May, 2017JW Marriott Hotel New Delhi
6th National Convention & Awards on
Retail & eRetail

The Bigger & Better e-commerce

Digital devices are changing how customers discover, evaluate, purchase, receive, use and return products, and services. Entrepreneurs and innovators are coming together from across the e-commerce value chain to discuss how digital shopping can become more scalable, faster and most importantly secure.

Higher Sales, Lower Costs, Better Experiences
Keynote Sesion The true costs of eCommerce: What it takes to set up and scale an eCommerce operation
Session 1: Single Item, Laser Focus: Why a wide product assortment is not always the way to win the market
  • What are the problems with the 'online hypermarket' approach to e-commerce?
  • The return of the artisan: why customers increasingly want to buy from product experts
  • How to take an end-to-end approach towards demonstrating product expertise
  • Quality is the king: why single product range stores should occupy the premium-end of the market
Session 2: E-commerce / MarketPlaces First, Physical Store Later
  • More and more e-retailers are deciding to open a physical store. But when the time comes to open a brick-and-mortar store, what are the strategic and technological considerations taken into account?
Session 3: An Investors View Of The Future Of E-Commerce Innovation
  • How well are technology trends keeping up with consumer trends?
  • Assessing the state of today's retail industry
  • How can technology solve some of retail's fundamental challenges?
  • Where is the smart money going: a look at investment from payments to retail technology

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