India’s retail market has a huge scope for growth and is projected to grow around 10 percent every year over the next decade. The Indian retail industry will then be worth a massive US$2 trillion by the year 2032. This session will examine the Indian economic landscape and future projections, placing specific emphasis on what this means for retail across the country. taking a deep dive into:

  • Retail economic performance since Q1 2022
  • Actions central banks and governments are taking to help the economy
  • The potential long-term impact of the confluence of headwinds
  • Reasons for optimism

The consumer is the only channel that matters. But we need to understand their journey more finely. The shifts in consumer behavior have necessitated that organizational silos be pulled down and embrace true customer centricity. Making the organizational & cultural adjustments that facilitate customer centricity.


A conversation with Ecommerce Stalwart on UNFOLDING THE NEXT Digital COMMERCE CHAPTER

Hear Global Brand Leaders as they share Why The Long term Global Brand value is about building compelling products and delivering digital and physical innovation and building unparalleled consumer experiences across the globe

The changing of the experience of Digital Commerce
  • How and why a digital-first strategy will empower meeting growing customer demand.
Keynote: The Consumerization of Commerce in FMCG
  • The consumerization of FMCG has led to a paradigm shift in the way business is conducted by increasingly adopting digitization.
Catering to Consumer’s growing demand for Convenience:
Evolving to Omnichannel Retailing's Next Generation: The customer journey is not a straight line; consumers switch from one channel to another throughout the day and expect a consistent brand experience.
  • Boosting Online grocery offerings with speed and modernism
  • Curating Aspirations for the New-Age Consumer "Putting Product' At The Heart of Your Business: How to Match the Product to the New-Age Consumer's Experience-Centered Expectations
  • Breathing 'Digital Life' Into a Marquee Business
The Great Promise of Q-Commerce:
  • What’s In-Store for this Fast-and-Furious Commerce in India?
Sustainability In Retail: Listening To Today’s Conscious Consumer
  • A fundamental shift in consumer views on which institutions to trust and the expectations they increasingly have of business and business leaders to focus on societal change.
    Embracing Transparency and Connecting With Value-Driven Customers.
How New Tech is Changing the Consumer Experience
Convenience On Your Customer’s Terms: Winning Loyalty By Focusing on Ease and Efficiency At Every Turn

Designing Digital Experiences For A Customer-First World by Embedding innovation into the customer experience to measure and improve speed & quality of service. Brands are adopting new technologies to enhance their customer experience and reduce shrink.

  • Embedding innovation into customer experience programs through AI
  • Building A Truly Connected Customer Experience: Perfecting Personalization For The Optimal Customer Experience
Brands And The Metaverse: Gamechanger

The metaverse has a completely split market opinion. On one hand, some forecasts predict mass adoption and an $8tr opportunity (Source: Exchanges at Goldman Sachs podcast, January 2022). Grab a front-row seat as our panel of trailblazers explore the latest thinking on the metaverse’s role in retail. By attending this session, you will learn:

  • The key considerations when building a metaverse strategy
  • Practical use cases around the metaverse for retail
  • How AR is playing an increasingly pivotal role in facilitating exponentially richer, deeper, more intuitive interactions and relationships between brands and consumers.
Data, Analytics Personalization & Privacy

Becoming a Data-Driven Organization To Achieve Big Growth
How to Use Loyalty and Digital to Launch your Brands Journey toward Personalization

Panel: Preparing For A Cashless Reality

Helping to Facilitate Payments Through the Adoption of Cashless Currency

Fostering A Culture of Curiosity and Innovation: Embracing The Value Of Disruptive Ideas:
  • How do brands meet the expectations of the most sought-after talent in this digitally savvy, principled, socially conscious generation of workers?
Retailers and Digital first Brands that develop robust omnichannel engagement programs enjoy significantly higher customer lifetime value, average order value, and purchase frequency than their rivals. So developing these capabilities is essential in today’s digital-first market.
Blurring The Digital and Physical
Creating A Truly Hybrid Shopping Experience A roadmap to building a cohesive customer-centric and profitable omnichannel strategy
The Stores of the Future

Transforming Stores with Creative Concepts and Smart Technology In a post-pandemic world, the bar for the in-store shopping experience has been set higher than ever before where you don't deliver a Product but deliver an experience. As such, curating a memorable in-store experience to stand out from the crowd is critical. The physical store needs to function as an experience hub where consumers can feel immersed in and interact with the brand. Why physical stores are an important part of retail transformation strategy - driving profit with in-store experiences.

Dawn of the ‘phygital’ experience - a seamless connection between online and offline, digital, and physical
CIO Perspectives: Digital transformation - why a digital-first strategy should merit Agility over perfection

Digital transformation combines a Brand’s online, data, and digital capabilities and calls for remodeling the internal and external processes to keep up and enable commerce at a faster pace.

Creating a Seamless experience for the customers

  • Limitations of eCommerce - What are Consumer barriers to purchasing online for Physical First Brands?
  • Improving online retail experiences with new tools to alleviate customer digital dissatisfaction
  • Best Practices in Optimising eCommerce - boost revenue and less Burn
  • Delivering a brilliant digital customer experience is more important than ever in today’s competitive retail environment
Reviving Legacy Formats with Digital: What Is The Future Of Speciality Retail?

In the face of fierce competition from brands’ direct-to-consumer initiatives, How does specialty retail have a future in the new commerce landscape?
In order to thrive, specialty retail in all its forms (lifestyle concepts, department stores, etc.) is curating compelling shopping experiences that can compete with the immediacy and convenience of online.

  • Can you be all things to all customers?
  • How do you decide which activations, campaigns, brand partnerships, and innovations to build your engagement model around?
  • Should retailers shut their stores and consider becoming a pure play?
What it means to win customers in an omnichannel world?

The actionable insights you need to predict your customers’ behavior and deliver truly personalized experiences.

  • Accelerating Growth With True Omnichannel Personalization
  • Cross-channel personalization: What drives each customer to buy and tailor the experience accordingly?
  • AI and customer data-driven omnichannel cart, Repurchase and Product Recommendations
Reinventing Malls in a Digital Commerce Era: Building a Unique and Unforgettable Destination With a Digital Footprint

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