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April 17-18, 2015,
Hotel Hyatt Regency,

4th Annual National
Convention on Retail & eRetail


Thankyou for making Indian Retail Congress & Awards a grand success.

Now Floats
Nowfloats' initial proposition which allows users to create and manage their website using SMS has now evolved into a "Series A" funded company. With over 30,000 paid customers NowFloats is currently the fastest growing company in the SMB space, and has developed key strategic partnerships with Google India, AskMe, Versign, and Microsoft Africa.

NowFloats is a location-based platform that helps smaller and medium-sized businesses grow bigger by getting them online easily and then harnessing the power of the internet without the need of any technical knowledge.

(1) It makes the creation of business websites - very, very simple. These websites can be updated with equal amount of ease and speed. It can be done through an app, the web or SMS (only in India). And it is VERY simple.

(2) After you start updating the website (also as easy) with business content, NowFloats' patent pending technology kicks in, does the keyword extraction (automatically) and ensures that the search engine crawls your website and offers it up relevantly to potential customers searching for businesses like yours.

NowFloats takes care of the SEO for the website and the content you create on it. Normally businesses have to fork out money to digital agencies to do the SEO for the website - to maintain it on a monthly or an annual basis. However with a NowFloats business website, you get the SEO built-in already.

On the NowFloats Lighthouse platform, when you start updating your website regularly and relevantly (to your business), NowFloats' technology ensures that when your potential customers do a web-search around your business, your website comes up ahead of others.

NowFloats Lighthouse platform optimizes an SMB's online presence for organic discovery. It allows a business or channel partners to have an in-depth analytic understanding of their customers, clients, site visits, updates, etc. The patent-pending RIA Engagement Engine ensures that the customer is always aware of their site's content, and discoverability.

NowFloats WildFire functions as an SEM engine for inorganic discovery that packages the powerful Location-Based-SEO™ capability and multiplies the ROI for the customer several fold. It informs the customer about their ROI by providing weekly reports and a call tracking feature through which the customer can measure the business generated. NowFloats Wildfire ensures that the business' phone is always ringing with calls from potential customers.
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